1. We only work with qualified and experienced translators and interpreters who meet our rigorous selection criteria.
  2. We have got our roots in Zimbabwe, so we understand the Zimbabwean market very well and are able to help you  with your localization needs as well as reach new markets, wherever they may be  around the world.
  3. Quality management is a core aspect of our culture and workflow – ensuring that we provide the highest quality professional translations for your project, regardless of the target audience, language, territory or culture.
  4. Peace of Mind – We strive to deliver services of the highest standards, from certified documents, transcription services, to in-person and phone interpreting services. Linguists Unlimited takes great pride in its work, and yours too.
  5. We understand Technology and are able to provide specialists who can assist with Desktop Publishing, Graphic Design, Web Design, Search Engine Optimisation etc. etc.